Making a difference in our community's health.

Over the past several decades, technology has redefined what's possible within the healthcare industry. When robotically-assisted surgery is a routine practice, it's clear that the sky's the limit when it comes to the impact technology can have on public health. And we want to help.

While many healthcare IT companies only bring in doctors for subject matter expertise, our healthcare division is headed by a Baltimore-based physician with over 7 years of experience practicing and leading medical teams.

Backed by a team of physicians with a wide range of specialties including preventative medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine, and pediatrics, as well as engineers and researchers, our diverse and highly skilled team is made up of technical and healthcare professionals with cutting edge expertise in their respective fields. By prioritizing the customer's needs and frequently communicating with our experts, we're able to build software that transforms the way our customers do healthcare and, more importantly, the way they serve their patients.


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Certifications / Designators

  • Maryland State MBE
  • Baltimore City MBE
  • 8(a) - Case #305630
  • GSA IT 70 Schedule Contract #GS-35F-115GA

Our work in healthcare