Purple Cow

Our mascot is a purple cow.

Standing apart from the herd

If you saw a purple cow while driving down the road, you'd stop to take a closer look, post a photo, and tell your grandma, right? Seth Godin dreamt up this surprising visual in his book, Purple Cow. In a world full of brown cows, a purple cow stands out from the crowd, and people can't help but take notice.

It's our goal to be exceptional in everything we do: from defining our ethics structure and turning down opportunities that don't align, to offering our employees a monthly snack stipend, we strive to be a surprisingly different kind of company.


adjective | pur·ple | \ˈpər-pəl\
  1. Going beyond what is usual or expected; of a higher standard
  2. Surprisingly different; exceptional; noteworthy
  3. Standing out from the crowd; extraordinary